Service Dog PSA

While I wouldn’t exactly call myself a Facebook or social media junkie (at least not yet), I have to admit there have been times when I really appreciate the power of the platform. This is one of those times. I was on Facebook and came across this post:

The morale of this story is simple: if a service dog approaches you without his/her person, follow the dog. They have been trained to get help when needed, so pay attention.

Personally, as a someone with disabilities and former service dog user, I have several stories of how my service dogs have helped me out of tight situations by summoning help. I use a wheelchair for mobility and my first one tipped over more times than I can count. There was one time in particular that I was going up a driveway because there was no curb cut and it tipped, trapping me under it. My dog, Sam (my boy before Max) didn’t have to go far for help. He brought a good Samaritan back who lifted the chair off me. He didn’t want me to move, in case I was seriously injured, but I felt fine, got up and went on my way.

My thanks go out to my beloved Sam as well as to the human who helped me.

If you’ve had a similar experience and want to share it, comment below.

If you’ve lost an animal who helped you and you need grief help, contact me through this website. It would be my honor to support you.