Each by Name Conference and Happy Veterans Day 2017

Hello Again! The Porche Charities' initiative Animal Loss Counseling is coming to you from Sunny La Mesa at the Each by Name conference: http://www.wheel-life.org/get-ready-for-rolling-with-mes-each-by-name-conference/

Being here got me to thinking about how we all contribute to our world. There are people with different skills and abilities: authors, dancers, beauty pageant winners and even boxers. This underscores what I've always believed. Everyone can do something. We just need the supports that work for each of us.

If one of your supports is an animal and you've lost that particular support, Porche Charities can help. Contact us today!

And I'd like to say a Happy Veterans Day to all retired and active duty military members, as well as their families. It is our pleasure to serve you as you have or are serving us.