Jobtoberfest 2017: Supporting employment and full inclusion of all

So here we are at Jobtoberfest, a job faire to promote the employment goals of people with any kind of disability. The turnout was amazing. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table to learn about the services at Porche Charities and to express your support for us.

You are the reason we are here and it is our honor to support you.

Truth be told, as I look at this picture (click on the title of this post to see it), I can't help feeling a little discouraged. There are powerful forces against us. The unemployment rate remains high, despite legal and other supports available on the job. Many employers still don't accept the concept of reasonable accommodations, especially when these involve bringing a service dog to work to improve performance.

But then I remembered something important. Together, we are stronger than the obstacles we face. We can do anything when we support each other.

That's the concept behind the 12 week group therapy sessions. You have lost your best friend. We can help. Just contact us through our website: New groups are forming now.